Gas Africa 23 – 24 June 2015

The significant success of the 2014 Gas Africa Conference coupled with a small but high profile expo opportunity has encouraged the Organisers to expand the 2015 event to a more comprehensive one with more floor space available for Exhibitors.

The conference details are still being selected and defined, but it will once again prove to have significance within this highly important primary resource sector. The Gas Africa 2015 Conference & Exhibition will be well placed to allow for mutual exchange of ideas between participants and will allow for informed ideas which will influence each participant and their company.

What is certain is that the variety of subjects, coupled with the intensity and knowledge of the speakers will create an event of significance to the natural gas industry in South Africa. Exhibitors will have the unrivalled opportunity of interacting with them as well as the body of delegates who will again attend this important event. An opportunity of exposing your product and services to the major decision makers from within sub-Saharan Africa on a one-on-one basis is unique and should not be missed.


Highly targeted exhibitions have been used very successfully to reach the exact person or company to maximise sales potential  with little or no wasted investment. Gas Africa 2015 will be no different and will be where your opportunity comes to the fore - a growing but very specifically aimed exhibition reaching the most influential people in the Gas industry in sub-Saharan Africa. A captive audience of delegates who will be channelled through the well laid out Exhbition at least four times per day. This, with the other networking opportunities that are being put at your disposal, make Gas Africa 2015 one of the best marketing opportunities of the year.
All exhibitors automatically quality for free attendance to the conference, with the exhibition open only to delegates who attend the conference. This is unique exposure for exhibitors to top quality African delegations within the Gas and Power regeneration industry. Exhibition Space: We are expecting rapid take off of stands, and as there is a finite area of space available, we suggest you contact the organisers quickly to make sure you benefit from prime site selection as well as the special price available until the end of 2014.



Gas Africa 2014 gathered together a broad spectrum of highly qualified and experience speakers in all relevant fields. These included Nic de Bloq, Professor Jim Petrie, Dr Michael de Pontes, Ebrahim Takolia and a whole host of highly qualified, interesting, informative professionals. The topics and general theme for Gas Africa 2015 conference is still taking shape, but all exhibitors will be kept fully appraised of developments. Additional input from exhibitors as to conference direction will also be gratefully considered. Subjects to be covered will be varied and certainly controversial - but always of significance to all stakeholders in the industry including national governments - South African and sub-Saharan Africa, regional government,  parastatal  organisations, local and international companies, academic institutions and interested non government organisations.

As an example of what to expect in 2015, the 2014 conference subjects included: Day One: Introduction to gas developments in Africa; Gas Project ‘Hotspots’ in Sub-Saharan Africa; Assessments of South Africa’s Gas Market potential; Gas Projects in Southern & East Africa; Parameters for gas investments in South Africa; Gas pipeline developments in South Africa; Western Cape specific topics. Day Two: Technological Innovations like: Shale Gas – recent experiences;  LNG in South Africa; Gas to power; Effective use of biogas; Biogas to Combined Heat & Power; Methane Gas; Environmental Aspects - Unconventional Gas Productions. Legal, Financial & Logistical Aspects such as: MDPR - Its Effects on gas exploration in Africa; Legal implications of gas deals; Modalities for financing gas projects in Africa; Various current and relevant projects, their problems and solutions.

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